project management


Working as an arts project manager means keeping budgets, findng the right artists and delivering the project on time.  Fortunately for me, I have an extensive address book so bring in partnership working between organisations and community groups.  Knowing the right sources for funding for a project is also helpful.  If you need an arts project manager that needs to source additional funding, that's also something I could take on.

Current projects

Hyndburn Arts Strategy , Hyndburn Borough Council - I have recently completed the initial consultation document to determine whether the Civic Theatre, Oswaldtwistle can be converted into a community arts centre.  I am now working on phase 2 which is to develop Hyndburn Borough Council's art strategy, create awareness of Hyndburn 2009, Year of Culture and to source funding for the theatre.

Sparks: Oswaldtwistle Players - an ongoing project to launch a young persons drama group within an established theatre group.  I sourced the funding, brought in the workshop tutor, booked the theatre, organised tickets and managed the performances. 

Recent and past projects

The View, Bacup - a project to regenerate a square of land on Bankside Lane, Bacup. I project managed this on behalf of Rossendale Borough Council in partnership with Elevate East Lancashire and Groundwork Pennine Lancashire.  The artists were Jill Randall and Alan Birch. click here for before and after pictures

The Club that wouldn't Die, Accrington Stanley Supporters Club - this project culminated in a large exhibition based on the fans history of Accrington Stanley Football Club.  The exhibition was held at Accrington Library in July and August 2008. An education pack was produced and sent to all schools in Hyndburn.

Why I Live Here: Hyndburn Mela and Community Festival Association - a photography and research project celebrating the local population of Hyndburn funded by Community Development Fund.  I developed the project and sourced the funding, brought the artists and researchers together and am currently in the middle of producing a book of the project and an event to deliver the project to the community of Hyndburn.

St Mary's Eco Garden: St Mary's School - a transformation of an overgrown garden within an eco school - funded by Awards For All.  I developed the project and sourced the funding, brought in an environmental artist and worked with the teachers to deliver the project.

Talking Shop: Oswaldtwistle - a photography and drama project funded by Awards For All that celebrated local, independent shops in Oswaldtwistle.  This is part of the wider East Lancashire based Talking Shop project.  I was one of four project managers, each responsible for a different district.  I brought in a photographer, worked with a drama group to produce a new piece of theatre, organised venues for the exhibition and produced a postcard pack of images.  I recently conducted a 'revisited' exercise.

Birthday Party - a project funded by Arts Council which brings together 365 people, one for every day of the year, to celebrate their birthdays together.  This is ongoing.

All funding for these projects was sourced by me on behalf of the community groups involved - see funding.